CoffeeTime Features

The truly social app!

Quick and Simple

The idea of the CoffeeTime is to provide a quick and simple way for friends to organize events and RSVP

Live group responses

Besides notifications, everyone invited is able to see who accepted or declined the invite

CoffeeTime Application Main Screen

Places Database

Google's and Facebook's database of F&B locations ensure you're favourite place will be there.

Discover Places With Others

Based on current location, user can see list of their future friends which ready to hang out

How it Works

We are proud to keep CoffeeTime quick and simple

See who’s nearby & up for hanging out

Pick the time & place

Optionally describe the activity

You are done! Have fun :)

CoffeeTime Application Invite Screen

Friend lists

User can choose between three friend categories: favourites, other Facebook friends, and other people nearby

Your Faceebok friends

FB list - the list of user’s Facebook friends who use the app

Favourite Friends

Close friends - the list of friends, created by the user

Current City

List of nearby people, open for meeting new people as well

CoffeeTime Application Roulette Game

Try CoffeeTime Roulette Game

CoffeeTime Roulette is a mini randomness game, useful for helping decide who, say, buys the next drink :)

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